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Eighteen Knowledge Group (EKG) is your number one destination for the latest news in the Wholesale and Retail markets. EKG is your business checker of your Knowledge Base for the day to day Supply Chain Management. We are your expert friends with the right answers to all your questions on how to get your brand selling EVERYWHERE and continue succeeding in your relationship with your Retail Partners .Our ongoing research and information collection provides our custumers with the tools to position their brand for success.How to introduce your product to the Big Box retailers? Are you logistically ready? Does your IT support the Big Box requirements? Is your stuff up to date with what Walmart is expecting of their suppliers? How to become a Big Box Supplier? Already are a supplier? Great! How to stay up-to-date with Target's requirements? What about Kohl's? Will your product get noticed? What about online sales? Omni-channel, what is that and are you ready? How to get the best ROI on online marketing?We specialize in helping you brand new ideas and products. Eighteen Knowledge Group assists brand owners to get the products to shelf while partnering with well-established sales and marketing channels in the US retail market, offering marketing and logistics channels to the biggest US retailers.At Eighteen Knowledge Group, we provide comprehensive Omnichannel Knowledge from building your Omnichannel and e-commerce strategy, action plan and Omnichannel management to the specifics such as: online branding, brand recognition, go-to-market, inventory management, supply chain management, omnichannel logistics.Eighteen Knowledge Group is a leading expert in Retail and Wholesale Knowledge and Analytics, Supply Chain establishment and Data Mining and Inventory Management practices to achieve profit maximization.

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