About People Operating Technology

Company Website: http://www.peopleoperatingtechnology.com

Founded in 2009, People Operating Technology (www.peopleoperatingtechnology.com) is one of the first larger scale publishers devoted exclusively to mobile applications. People Operating Technology draws on a global pool of developer talent to create, develop, polish and promote mobile applications in gaming, education social networking, utilities and more. “We really have the advantage of the early starter, at this point,” explains CEO Jason Petralia. “There are very few tier one players in this business, and itâ€s an extremely hot market. We are also very unique in the way we recruit talent, the terms we offer our partners and developers, our application release strategy, and the overall polish we require before releasing an application to market, which all give the company a valuable edge.” Having received $500,000 in first round funding, people operating technology is currently growing at a rapid pace. The company will be seeking 20 to 30 times this amount for second round funding.

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