San Francisco

About San Francisco

San Francisco is considered the cultural hub of California. The diversity of its population, the quality of life, and the weather situation throughout the year makes it one of the top 10 happiest cities in America. If you’ve been to San Francisco, you’ll definitely agree. The colorful street murals, the incredible food variety, the lively street fairs in the summer, and the diverse art scene make San Francisco the colorful and lively city that it is.

Lifestyle and Culture

Moving to the Bay Area can be quite tough especially if you’re coming from a rural hometown. You have to get accustomed to its various neighborhoods and its microclimates, which happen to be different for every area. It can be quite foggy and chilly in the summer and rather warm around September and October.

But generally, San Francisco is the perfect city for those who love the outdoors. Public transportation is quite a breeze in the city and people take advantage of it instead of owning a car as parking spaces are scarce.

But there’s more to San Francisco than its year-long warm weather and its inclusive culture. It’s also one of the leading hubs for technology in the country and home to some of the most highly funded tech startups in the world.

San Francisco City

San Francisco Tech Scene

San Francisco is one of the best places to start your career, especially in tech. The Bay Area is home to the most innovative and fastest-growing companies in the country.

Key Statistics

  • 19,552 startups
  • 425 companies per square mile
  • 2.6% unemployment rate
  • 385,019 Net Tech Employment
  • $19.65 billion startup funding

Startup Scene

Its close proximity to Silicon Valley is definitely an advantage for its economy. It’s not the biggest city in size, but its economy is over ten times bigger that of most cities in the US. In its approximately 46 square miles area, it hosts 19,552 startups. That’s 425 companies per square mile. All of these companies contributed to the $19.65B startup funding in 2017.

Top Industries

Despite several emerging tech hubs in the country, San Francisco remains in the lead. With public tech companies like Salesforce and top startups such as Uber, Airbnb, and Slack as major employers in the Bay Area, San Francisco will never run out of tech job opportunities. With all the job opportunities generated in Tourism, Technology, and Financial services, the unemployment rate is down to 2.6 percent, which is far below the national average at 3.9 percent. In fact, its Net Tech Employment is 385,019. More jobs are being created as new startups populate the area requiring a constant stream of tech talents.

People who work in San Francisco have the advantage of witnessing new and mind blowing technology breakthroughs unfolding before their eyes. More importantly, they get to make valuable contacts in the industry even as they’re just starting their own careers in tech.

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