Account Executive

Account Executive

Are you looking to level up your sales career by bringing in new client accounts? Then you should check out the Account Executive role.

Account Executives (or AEs) manage individual accounts of prospective customers. The goal of the AE is to communicate and align the product's benefit to the buyer based on their understanding of the buyer's pain points and purchasing goals, and ultimately "close" the deal.

Often called Account Executives, Sales Executives, or Business Development Managers, these individuals walk the customer through the entire buying process. They run a discovery process to learn what the buyer is looking to achieve, demo their product, answer questions and handle objections, negotiate price and contract terms, and ultimately get a contract signed before handing the customer off to the implementation team.

Simply put, AEs are responsible for closing deals and acquiring new customers. Often times an SDR (sales development representative) will identify potential customers, but the Account Executive brings the buyer to a point of decision and contract.

The Account Executive is usually a mid-level sales role depending on the complexity fo the sales and industry, but it can also be senior level when the AE is selling larger, enterprise deals.

Common Titles

  • Account Executive
  • Sales Executive
  • Inside Sales Executive
  • Corporate Sales Executive
  • Strategic Sales Executive
  • Enterprise Account Executive
  • Business Development Managers

Typical Responsibilities

  • Utilize online and offline sources to cultivate new leads and develop/maintain pipeline
  • Make introductory calls to new prospects
  • Assess business goals through qualifying
  • Work with business owners and close deals
  • Achieve and consistently exceed monthly sales goals
  • Proactive daily account management in CRM (