Sales Development

Sales Development

Are you trying to jump-start your career in sales, or get your foot in the door at a high-growth tech company? Then the Sales Development Representative is the role for you.

Sales Development Representatives (or SDRs) are the front lines of the sales team. The goal of sales development is to generate qualified interest for the sales team and provide a stepping stone to becoming a sales person.

Often called SDR or BDR (Business Development Representative), these individuals research and engage new prospects via cold emails/calling, as well as qualify and nurture inbound leads. After a lead is qualified, the SDR's goal is to book a meeting and bring in a sales person to present the solution and close the deal. The best SDR and BDR's will excel at finding new prospects and generating high quality sales meetings for the sales team.

The SDR and BDR roles are usually entry-level roles for people new to sales but often can require existing industry experience for complex, enterprise sales. The SDR role is a great opportunity for recent graduates or folks who are transitioning from another industry to jump start their career in sales.

Common Titles

  • Sales Development Representative (SDR)
  • Business Development Representative (BDR)
  • Account Development Representative (ADR)
  • Market Development Representative (MDR)
  • Inside Sales Representative
  • Sales Associate

Typical Responsibilities

  • Identify important decision makers at prospective companies
  • Perform email outreach, prospecting, cold-calling
  • Respond to and qualify inbound inquiries
  • Set up appointments for sales team leaders
  • Use internet and social media resources to conduct research and identify new qualified opportunities within target companies
  • Drive registrations for company and industry events
  • Continuously update and maintain accuracy of the company‚Äôs CRM (customer relationship management software)
  • Provide reports as needed to show lead generation and/or qualification metrics